27 March 2013

Brace Yourself

Without even realizing it, I've booked myself solid for seven weekends of racing in a row. SEVEN. This summer is soooooo much different than last summer. Wow. And it's only just begun! But I'm pretty excited about each weekend's happenings, and all of them (well, except the adventure races) are casual enough that if my legs aren't feeling it on a particular day, I can just spin easy and ride instead of race. Bring it on!

April 6/7 = Team Virtus weekend! I'm participating in their annual non-race, the CAC, on Saturday and gravel grinding on Sunday. Camping at Pine Ridge in between. What's a non-race? It's one step up from a group ride but one step below a race, if that makes sense. It's the PERFECT place to test out adventure racing to see if you'd like it. I plan on helping newer teams by non-racing with them, assisting with navigation, gear, food, basically answering any questions anyone has. My Alpine Shop teammate Jeff is doing the same thing. If you've ever wanted a chance to race with Alpine Shop, this is your opportunity! Except no pressure to go fast. We just want to have fun!! On Sunday we'll be riding gravel around Jefferson City, led by Cedar Cross guru Bob Jenkins. Bring your Battlefinch! RSVP to Team Virtus by 8pm TONIGHT 27-MAR-2013 if you plan on coming (and you should) so they can print a map for you.

April 13/14 = Tour of Hermann Gravel Challenge. 90-100 miles of gravel each day, organized by THE Jeff Yielding. Jeff puts on amazing events. I was first introduced to him in 2009 during Hermann Cross. This year Jeff is expanding into the world of gravel, and I couldn't be happier. His events are more organized than triathlons. Seriously. Come out and join me!
April 20 = The OGRE. 154 miles of gravel with 11,000+ feet of climb. The whole reason I built the Thunderchicken. Racing with Jeff as a 2-person coed team, with Carrie as our support crew. Currently there are no other 2-person coed teams. Please come out and race us!

team gearjunkie iowa race - photo 3.jpg
April 27/28 = Boonecrusher 12hr AR on Sunday as a guest racer with Gnome Hunters. Before Carrie got injured (which led to my guest racing gig with Alpine Shop), I put out an ABP for teams looking for female racers. My buddies with the Gnome Hunters responded right away and we picked out this race in Boone, IA as a fun event. On Sunday, there's a slight chance I'll continue my road trip up to the MNOC AR Tune-Up to race with my favorite Russian.

Cedar Cross Fields
May 4 = Cedar Cross 100 mile gravel. The Combatpigeon needs miles. Bob Jenkins is awesome. Done and done!

Me racing Mission 2011 with Mike and Bill.
May 11 = DINO Mission 18hr AR with Jeff and David for Alpine Shop. This adventure race is always fun because it keeps all teams in the woods for the full 18 hours. And this year they're bringing a new discipline into the mix - roller blading/scootering!! This used to be popular in adventure races about 10 years ago. Then, for some reason, it faded. Now DINO is bringing it back! Thankfully, my teammates have been doing adventure races for more than 10 years, so I'm the one with the steepest learning curve. It pays to race with old people!!
May 18/19 = Planet Adventure 24hr AR with Jeff, David, and Doug for Alpine Shop. Except I can't find an updated 2013 webpage for this race. I hope it's still on?? I've never done it before and I'm super excited!

May 25/26 = nothing. rest. sweet, sweet rest.

June 1 = Dirty Kanza 200 mile gravel on the Attackpheasant. My brother is coming in from Detroit to crew for me. I am beyond excited about that. Never mind that this will probably be my hardest day on a bike, ever, bar none, enough said. I am very much looking forward to this. Pin It

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