About Me

I grew up in northern Minnesota playing soccer and riding horses. I moved to St. Louis, Missouri for college. After graduation, I got a job in St. Louis. I stayed.

I got into cycling because I thought the handlebars on road bikes looked cool. I asked for a bike as a college graduation present and my parents partially obliged (I covered the rest myself). Co-workers encouraged me to ride with them in the MS150. I did and enjoyed myself despite an immensely sore butt on Day 2. Co-workers also encouraged me to enter my first triathlon in 2009. I did and enjoyed myself immensely and my butt was not sore.

From there, I have been exploring the many avenues of outdoor sport through its on-road and off-road permutations. I enjoy long-course triathlons, adventure races from 8-24+ hrs, orienteering races (including rogaines 6-24+ hrs), endurance mountain biking, and just about anything else on two wheels or two feet. Check out my Schedule/Results page for a list of events & results.

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