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Other places you can find me on the web:

Alberici Now - "Iron-(wo)Man"

Alive Magazine - Larger Than Life

Buff (contest winner!)

Cedar Cross - Classy Victory

GearJunkie.com - MNOC Adventure-O Victory
GearJunkie.com - Thunder Rolls Victory
GearJunkie.com - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

KOMU.com - Castlewood 8hr 2014 video 
KOMU.com - Castlewood 8hr 2014 related article
KOMU.com - Castlewood 8hr 2014 interactive map! 

Lift For Life Academy - newsletter about Uber Asphalt

Sleepmonsters - Top Teams at the Cowboy Tough

St. Louis Tri Club - Question For The Experts

TA1 podcast - Cowgirl Tough interview

Team Seagal - Highest Jerk On Earth
Team Seagal - Cutie McKitten Bottoms
Team Seagal - it was like a mosh pit in my head
Team Seagal - You Mean We're Only Doing One Lap?

The Ralph Account (love it even if Ralph can't spell my name to save his life!)
The Ralph Account - Zombie My Head

Tri Magazine - March 2012 issue "From One Age-Grouper to Another: Planning Your Race Season"
Tri Magazine - August 2012 issue "From One Age-Grouper to Another: Olympic Picks"

WTFAR.com - "You're So Good, You're Dead to Us, But Wait, You're Not" Award

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