02 January 2013

Well That Was Fun (2012 In Review)

Me, Chris, and our amazing crew just before leaving Barranco Camp.
I climb Kilimanjaro and reach the summit in the dark on 23-Jan-12. I turn 28.

Sunny and me after the Bonk Hard Chill AR.
Triathlon training picks back up, preparing for first Ironman in June. I race my first adventure race as 100% navigator and we take 4th place overall.

Me and Andrei during the Extreme Break Up 10hr AR.
The beginning of a beautiful AR friendship - I race with Andrei for the first time!

Triathlon blinders go on big time and I focus on training for IMCdA. 450 miles on the bike. 100 miles on foot. 26 miles in the pool. Zero days off. Bring it. I also switch jobs to my current one - at the new Mississippi River Bridge.


Race to 6th overall amateur at Rev3 Knoxville HIM. Recover and reel off 550 miles on the bike and 118 on foot.

I am a YouTube superstar.
I am an Ironman. Muchas gracias to my friends, my family, and my coach for all of the support! Oh yeah, I won the bet too.

Alpine Shop Dirt Crits. Photo by Dan Singer.
Full-on dirt binge commences. 400 miles...on knobby tires. Trip up to Minnesota for the upset AR victory of the year...first place in the MNOC Adventure-O with gearjunkie.com!

Me, Erl, Andrei after Thunder Rolls. I never thought I would race in this jersey. So stoked.
AR fall season kicks off with a victory at Thunder Rolls 24hr with Erl and Andrei. Such a fun race with great teammates and competition.

Me and Andrei during a very rainy CPT Nationals in West Virginia.
Andrei/Emily AR camp 2012! A win at Bonk Hard Berryman 24hr with Biz and Erl, and then a DNF at CPT Nationals the following weekend.

Starting another lap at Burnin.
Consists mainly of three things:
1. Sleeping.
2. Racing mountain bikes.
3. Drinking Wild Turkey American Honey. From the bottle.

MAF with MK!
I kick off 2013 prep with 30runs30days and see nice gains in my running.

Young Ben, Keith, Courtney, and me at Castlewood.
Captain a newbie AR team and have buckets of fun at Castlewood 8hr. Bust out a PR at PMETR. Have lots of fun snow riding.

I've done a lot of reminiscing about 2012 in the last few days. It's weird, when I was climbing Kili or riding the IMCdA bike course, I wasn't really thinking about how big these events are. The more time passes, the more I realize that they are huge life accomplishments. And I am becoming more grateful and appreciative that I have the (physical, mental, financial, social, etc...) resources to go forth and kick ass. So that is my plan for 2013: MOAR DREAM CRUSHING. Step 1: celebrate my birthday with the 29(mile)r. Pin It


  1. I am glad we met in 2012. That was a good thing.

  2. That was a big year! Hope your 2013 is even bigger and better!

  3. Impressive year Emily! Way to fit all that in, and accel at it, even with more work hours.