05 December 2012

You're Invited!

OK, yes, I'm STILL working on the Castlewood 8hr race report but I forgot I need to post this ASAP. It's an invitation. To my birthday party!
File:Birthday candles.jpg
If you know me, you'd probably guess that I was a pretty easy kid growing up. My parents read this blog so maybe they can chime in here but I don't think there were that many Emily/Mom or Emily/Dad altercations (of course there were lots of fights with my brother, including an emergency room visit, but now we like each other!). Even now, I'm really bad at fighting with people. Insults are not my thing. As a kid, I had two go-to threats:
Oh, what a hell-raiser I was. My parents probably laughed out loud each time I yelled these.

Anyway...I'm telling you this story because I am having a birthday party next month! And despite what I may or may not have said as a child, I do want to invite you to it. There's a catch, of course...it involves running, or biking, or both. Here are the details:
Me after a summer run on the Chubb.
Who: You and all your friends
What: 29mi run (or bike)
Where: Chubb Trail (Lone Elk parking lot)
When: Sunday, January 27th. 9:00am start time
Why: Because it's my birthday, that's why. But I'm not doing any crying.
Is this your real birthday?: Well, my actual bday is 29-Jan (golden! yes!) but pretty much everyone will be working. So I'm celebrating on the 27th.
Can I see some ID?: Only if I get a free fried ice cream and sombrero and you sing to me in Spanish.

Sorta accurate elevation profile of the route. There's a lot of climb.
Join me for a birthday run! I plan on attempting 2 out-n-backs of the Chubb trail on foot (28 miles/45 km) plus one extra mile somewhere along the way to bring the daily total to 29mi/46.6km! There will also be a 50k (31miles) option in honor of Jeff Sona who is turning 50 on 30-Jan! If you want to bike for some portion of this please feel free, but make sure to arrive at the steps at the same time I do so I can watch you try to clear them. I might bring my mtb too and if legs get tired then we'll just ride the second out-n-back. If you want to do less mileage, please feel free to join for just 1 out-n-back or even a partial out-n-back. It's all good! This is not a race, nor it is supported, so please bring your own water and calories. Cupcakes are acceptable fuel, especially if they have birthday candles in them. I also like Oreos, thanks for asking.
Chubb in the summer. http://soleadventure.com/2010/06/hiking-the-chubb-trail/
Afterwards let's go to my fav wing place...TJ's...for some delicious wings/pizza/beer, nom! If you don't want to run or ride or heckle, then meet us at TJs sometime after 2pm. That is the earliest guess I can make. I have never run this far on trails, so it might take longer. I can text you if you let me know you're coming.
OMG. Yum. I can probably eat 29 of these.
Yep, this is a LOT of advance notice for a birthday party. But, not every birthday party involves running double-digit miles. So consider yourself warned with PLENTY of time to train up for the distance. Please feel free to invite your friends (but only the cool ones).
Self portrait after last Saturday's trail run.
Important links:
Chubb Trail Info: http://www.gorctrails.com/trails/mchubb.asp
Chubb Trail map: http://gorctrails.com/images/maps/chubb.pdf
Random guy's garmin track: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/170345172
TJs: http://tjwings.com/
Perfect prep non-race: The Lost Valley SHivering Icy Trail Run

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaand now I want wings. Thanks.

    1. Yep. It was really hard looking for pictures to use there. CRAVE.

  2. Daaaammmmnnnn ittttttt. I just realized that I will be in San Antonio for a conference. Boo, hiss. Maybe we can reconvine for a 30miler on my 30th...

    1. o ya shoor ye betcha let's run 30 on your 30th!!!

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