20 April 2012

Carpe That Thing!

Just a short-n-sweet blog to keep you comin back for more. I posted on Facebook the other day that I have started a new job. It is with the same company, but at a different jobsite and a very different set of responsibilities from the position I have held for the last 2-ish years. I will be expected to spend more time in the office and report to different people.

First day on ye olde jobsite!
I struggled with this change, mostly because it was unexpected and threatened my precious training time. Now that I've been there a week, it still threatens my precious training time, but I've been able to process what the job means a bit more and found the resolve to not use the change as an excuse for training less. The blinders will just have to tighten a bit more. Lunches will be pre-made. Bags will be packed the night before. Social life will be even more non-existent (except if you want to swimbikerun with me, all aboard!). I've made a commitment to pursuing my best fitness by 24-June-12 and my chips are still all in.
Ironman Couer d'Alene
I was reflecting on the months leading up to this change, and it occurred to me how awesome it was to go to Kilimanjaro in January. With my new position, I probably would not be allowed to take 2 consecutive weeks off. But in January, I was, and I am so thankful and proud that I made the most of it. So if there is something out there that is calling your soul, that is capturing your imagination, and you can make it happen, then do it. Carpe that thing!

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  1. Thank you Emily, in continuing to be an inspiration and foundation for me. No more soda pop for me. "stand by me" for sure. Charley

  2. Thank you for the post. You can do it! You are working towards a goal that many dream of, but few attempt. I know you will get to June 24, 2012 with fire in your soul and a body prepared for the trials of the day.