06 August 2012


The header picture on this blog is my name, but the actual nuts-and-bolts web address is silkychrome. Silkychrome is also my Twitter handle. And the name for my AttackPoint log. These two words aren't found together very often, I mean, since when can a metal be described as loft and luxurious?

But in my case, it can. In high school, I was lucky enough to be taught by several excellent individuals. I was a year ahead in math so got an early introduction to Mr. Pearson, a legend around the school and someone who's still teaching there today. Not only was Mr. Pearson great at teaching math, he was great at getting to know his students as people, and respecting them as such. We did speed crosswords during passing time and lunch. He would tell stories about students' older siblings during class. And while we frantically worked through his tests, he would calmly work out anagrams for our names.

Some of the anagrams were simple. Rapt Boy. Dashy Drama (or Shady Drama, depending on her mood). Learn Accordion. But I always liked mine the best: Silky Chrome. It became my name in his class; I'd respond to "Silk" or "Silky". I have no doubt that if I walked into his classroom tomorrow, I'd be greeted as such.

So that's the story behind one of my nicknames. I have many others: Flyer, Jazzy Fay, Apple Blossom, Mongoose, Fizzle, Kimberly. You'll have to catch me on a long ride or run to hear those stories.

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  1. I was curious. I love reading about your adventures!

    (I can't remember his anagram for my name, sadly)

  2. How about Shocker Limy, Slicker Homy, or Hock Miserly?