13 January 2012

EK Climbs Kili: More Packing

Now we are onto the second phase of packing! To recap the first installment: I used Good Earth's recommended packing list I divided everything up into categories, and completed Foot Care, Pharmacy, Bathroom, and Small Gear. Now, I have these four categories remaining:
  • Big Gear
  • Town Clothes
  • Climbing Clothes
  • Paperwork 
Good Earth's list has: (my details in parentheses)
Day pack, for you to carry
Large duffel bag or backpack, for porters to carry (150L)
Plastic bags for storage (18L and 25L drysacks + gallon ziplocks)
Trekking shoes for hiking during the day, preferably warm, waterproof, and light
Tennis shoes or sandals for lounging in the evening
Hiking socks for warmer conditions (3-4)
Wool socks for colder conditions (3-4)
Sock liners to wick away moisture (2 + CEP socks)
Sleeping bag rated 0*F

I am mostly using my AR gear here. My pack is a 25L-ish GoLite VO24 pack with a 100oz bladder. I bought this after my first AR, knowing that I was hooked. I chose it because Team Virtus recommended them. I am bringing trail running shoes (New Balance 786) and hiking boots (adidas Terrex) for use during the day (depending on the terrain) and some old Tevas for use in camp. I decided to rent a sleeping bag from Good Earth since I don't currently own one that's warm enough. Sonja "before I kicked butt at Ironman I was a mountaineer" Wieck convinced me to bring a sleeping bag liner (for hygiene and warmth), and I'll also use this on the plane as a back-up blanket. Tents and sleeping pads are included in our trekking fee.

Good Earth's list has: (my details in parentheses)
Shorts (and 3/4 tights)
Pants, for hiking and for lounging in the evenings (trekking pants + comp tights)
T-shirts or Short-sleeved shirts (3 technical fabric)
Long-sleeved shirts, for hiking and for lounging in the evenings (2 technical fabric)
Long underwear (wool, 2 pairs pants, 1 LS top)
Fleece pants
Fleece top
Down jacket or ski parka
Rain jacket (or poncho) (REI softshell)
Rain pants
Underwear (10)
Sport bras, for women (4-6)
Mittens and/or gloves (Dakine outers + wool liners)
Wool or pile hat (wool)
Balaclava / neck gaitor (Buffs)
Hand and foot warmers (chemical activated)

The chemical warmers are in my "Small Gear" bag. I recently WON a special edition BUFF (!!!) that I will be bringing in addition to the ones from my brother (Christmas present). I lost one from summer camp and I am super bummed! I am bringing a range of clothing, most of which I wear on a weekly basis for workouts anyway. Do you think the porters will care if I hike in spandex instead of trekking pants? 

This is a category I have struggled the most with, mostly because we won't be spending THAT much time in town. But I am told the dress code in Arusha is conservative for women, so I am packing things that are breezy but also not bikinis. Which includes:

Long skirt
Short sleeve cardigan
Long sleeve cardigan
3 tank tops
Short sleeve t shirt
Trainers (trail runners)

Not really a category, but I'll use a mishmash of Town and Climbing Clothes on our inter-(or is it intra-?)continental journey. Definitely wearing my hiking boots, CEP socks, and yoga pants, and bringing 2 jackets: down and softshell. A few days ago I wrote to my good camp friend Kiwi (guess where she was born) for some advice about long flights and she made some great suggestions: bring chapstick/lotion for the dry plane air, bring your toothbrush on board, having travel info ready for customs forms, and drinking lots of water which forces you to get up and move around on your way to the bathroom.
huge blue duffle has everything. light blue backpack and green messenger bag are carry-ons.
So! There you have it! All packed up, mostly, kinda, sorta. Won't matter in a few hours because I will be ON A JET PLANE!! Wheeeeeeeeee! Pin It

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