16 November 2013

I Plan to Turn 30

Before I share my awesome, scary, brilliant plans for my 30th birthday, I would like to take a minute to say what an amazing year this has been. I've all but wrapped up my 2013 racing season, and it's been the most successful yet. I am totally loving the life I get to live. My family in Minnesota and Michigan are doing well. My friends and teammates in St. Louis are inspiring to train with on a daily basis. My professional life is engaging. My competitors across the country are pushing me to be at my best, even in the adventure racing off-season. Life is good. Attitude of Gratitude. DSLITR. DFTBA.

So thinking about all of that during one of my many easy jogs, I came up with a plan to celebrate my PR for consecutive-days-alive. Last year I turned 29, and ran 29 miles of the Chubb trail with some awesome people, and then we ate some awesome wings. This year, I wanted to stick with the 30 theme, but running 30 miles seemed so...forgive me...last year. What to do, what to do. And then I heard about a 12hr running race being planned by Metro Tri Club, the same fine folks who bring us the joy and pain of PMETR. They are calling it the Aeries February Freeze Tall Timber Trail Run. My birthday is January 29th, and the race starts on January 31st! Tempting, but how could I make running 12 hours significant to turning 30 years old? I thought about it, and then out of thin air my answer appeared...30 HOURS OF BEING 30.


It's simple, but not easy. I will need help. That is where you come in. There are a lot more details to be filled in, but if you are interested you will need to start preparing now, which is why I'm posting this today. Here is the rough plan:

9 hours of biking during the day. I'm not sure if this will be road, gravel, or mountain. But it will be during the day, probably starting at 8am or maybe earlier. Yes I know most people work during the day on Friday but I am going to take the day off to ride my bike. I encourage you to do the same. Consider it a mental health day - Vitamin D Therapy if you will. We will be in the depths of winter at that point so it will be good to get some sunshine on your pasty face.

12 hours of running during the night. The AFFTTTR starts at 9pm and goes until 9am. The course is a loop near the Aerie Winery in Grafton, IL. There is some discussion about whether the loop is 2-miles (blech!!) or 6-miles (yay!!) but regardless it will be a huge challenge. Obviously if they allow pacers I will be inviting as many people as possible to join me. It might be nice to have 1 or 2 or 10 people crew for me, too. Or, best yet, you should sign up yourself! You don't have to run the whole 12 hours if you don't want to, that's the beauty of a looped course. Run a few loops. Take a nap in your car. Run a few more. There is also a team option! Done!

Well we will be running into this morning because the MTC race goes until 9am. Then at 10am they are having a 1-loop-only race, too! So you could do that! No guarantees for my own participation in the 1-looper but if there's cake I will stick around! The rest of the day will be spent sleeping.
Passed OUT after IMCdA '12.

photo of the sun tracking across the sky on 12/21
And then, a final 9 hours of biking during the day to bring the weekend total to 30 hours! Again, not sure if this will be road, gravel, or mountain. Maybe it will be all three. If there are strong feelings one way or the other I will do my best to accommodate them...more people the merrier!
the awesome crew from my birthday run last year!
There are also two other awesome people who have birthdays around mine, Jeff and Peat, so there is a possibility that we might team up with them and add to the party. Whoop! Or maybe you will get back-to-back weekends of excitement! Either way, it's time to start increasing your run and bike miles. Who knows, if the weather is horrible we might even have to have a trainer party in someone's basement. Be prepared for anything! Including 30 wings from TJ's!

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  1. Brent and I will celebrate with you in spirit during the three-day MLK weekend instead, with 30(-ish) hours of playing in the woods as we scout for the 2014 Cradle of Liberty :)

    Hope it's the start of a fantastic, adventure-filled year (and that we get to cross paths again at some point!)!