14 March 2012

Lake Adventures Break Up 10hr AR Details

This race-report-follow-up post is becoming a tradition. See my other tips from the Bonk Hard Chill and Bonk Hard Castlewood races.


I brought a little less than 2L of water in my CamelBak and drank all of it. Throughout the day I ate 1 package Oreo cookies (270cal), 1 Honey Stinger waffle (160cal), 1 Honey Stinger gel (120cal) and about 450 calories of CarboRocket Half-Evil with nuun (divided between 2 bottles on the bike). I had about 400 extra calories of food left over in my pack (chews and PB crackers) that I didn't eat. This was the first race where I drank all of my liquids - usually I overestimate the amount I need - but the unseasonably warm temperatures made me drink a lot more than I planned. I was feeling pretty sluggish in the last trekking section so as soon as we got back to the bikes I took my gel and washed it down with the last of my CarboRocket. The infusion of simple calories really perked me up and helped me push hard to the finish line. I like to carry gels for exactly this type of situation. I don't depend on them as my main source of calories during the race, but they sure do help in last-minute sprint.

26" vs. 29" wheels. Photo: http://collinscycleshop.wordpress.com/
4 flats is a lot to change in any race, let alone a sprint AR (but not even close to my record of 5 flats in one 13-mi bike loop at Burnin 2010...yeah it was a long day). Our issues were compounded by the fact that Andrei and I rode bikes with different-sized wheels, so we couldn't share tubes. Let this be a lesson - check your teammates' equipment before the race to see if different sized replacement parts are needed. In longer races, this could extend to derailleur hangers, spare pedals/cleats, chain masterlinks, valve types, etc. 

This is the clue sheet from the race. The UTM coordinates are behind the fold.
I can't comment on the actual navigation because Andrei handled the maps all day. But, I can comment on how to be a good teammate when you're not the navigator. First, if your navigator doesn't write their clues on the map (I've seen some people that do this), you need to have the clue sheet either memorized or readily available for reference. If you are on a rogaine leg, make sure you know which order you've selected so you can double-check the route. You should also help your navigator remember to stay hydrated/fed - whenever you eat or drink, remind your teammate(s) to do the same (or at least think about it). If you are also punching (like I was at this race), by all means punch correctly and DO NOT LOSE THE PASSPORT! Pin It


  1. emily, I really enjoy reading about your adventure races!!!! it's so complicated, maps and paddles and all kinds of things, i love it.

    1. thanks!! i really enjoy writing about them, you should try one!

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